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runt is a Buffalo, N.Y. based band, combining all the members varied influences to create their own brand of groove-oriented heavy music. At times the listener can make comparisons to new metal acts, hard-core, rap, and even jazz fusion. Lyrical content focuses on positive messages, such as self-appreciation, and personal betterment, setting them apart from most "new rock" band's depressing themes.

runt is formed from the ashes of some of the areas most respected bands, including daZend, Page 11, Jygsaw, Fluid, Humongous and RULE!. The band's members rank as some of the most appreciated members of the local music community.

runt is currently in the process of recording thier full length debut. They have also sumitted a song for the compilation disc, which features several of Buffalo's top original acts, with all proceeds going to benefit Hospice of Buffalo.